Looking back at 2018

There were so many abundant blessings for Addis Jemari in 2018. Thanks be to God for the incredible growth and for bringing all of you, our #AJChampions, together to enable us to accomplish much this past year.

This year, AJ grew our US Board by three new members and welcomed Becky Cutter Highsmith to our team as the Sponsorship Coordinator. We also established a volunteer retail team, led by Ashley Parr Henderson, that we are beyond grateful for!

Our AJ Girls all passed their college prep exams, which was a huge accomplishment. This summer, Semenesh gained life skills in her area of interest for Fashion Marketing & Design, while Zerphe began her journey into photography. Ready was able to start her studies in Computer Programming. The valuable skills gained during our first ever summer enrichment program was made possibly by our amazing AJ donors and champions.

We prepped our AJ Home to welcome three more girls into the AJ Family in 2019.

We also kicked off our Family Empowerment Program (FEP). The launching of FEP completes our dream of not only combatting the orphan crisis through our AJ Home, but to also prevent it by keeping families intact.

We would also like to give one last thank you to everyone who joined us in October for our first ever Night of New Beginnings Fundraising event.

We look to the new year with excitement and hope as we grow closer to our goal of ending generational poverty in Ethiopia. Here’s to 2019…big things are on the horizon! #BetterTogether #NewBeginnings #HappyNewYear