Congratulations! You have been selected to serve on the 2024-2025 Addis Jemari Teen Board! 

Our Teen Board: 

  • Helps promote the AJ Mission
  • Becomes involved in activities that have a direct impact on our programs in Ethiopia
  • Experiences opportunities to learn about Addis Jemari, as well as life in Ethiopia
  • Strengthens leadership skills
  • Assists in events sponsored by Addis Jemari
  • Takes an active role in helping to change the lives of others
  • Works as a team to create and develop projects to support Addis Jemari

By accepting this position, you are promising to: 

  • Attend at least three out of four meetings a year
  • Volunteer for at least 10 hours with Addis Jemari throughout the year at events, workgroups or through special projects (meetings do not count towards the 10 hours)
  • Help plan and participate in one fall and one spring supply collection or fundraiser as a group
  • Respond to AJ Teen Board correspondence in a timely fashion (within 48 hours)
  • Have access to transportation to attend meetings in North Raleigh for quarterly meetings and any workgroups you sign up to participate in (Zoom is not an option for quarterly meetings, must be present in person)
  • Each quarterly meeting (roughly September, December, February and May) will have two opportunities to attend, meaning we will hold each quarterly meeting twice, giving two different dates/times to attend to accommodate schedules better. Those meetings will always be held on a Sunday/Monday, back to back. If you know you can never attend a meeting on a Sunday or Monday, then please reconsider your ability to participate in the Teen Board.
*Failure to comply with the above requirements eliminates you from being eligible to apply the following year.

Please send your headshot to Suzanne Ward via email or text by Friday, June 14. (919) 622-8158 or