Card Wallet

This minimalistic wallet holds your credit cards with 3 pockets for organizing while remaining slim and modern. Great for men, women, and all ages! 

Because it’s made of high-quality leather, it can expand to hold as many cards as you carry. You can expect this wallet set to last for years to come, even with everyday use.

– Wallet 4.25″x2.75″

Who made it?

These wallets were made by our friends at Sabegn in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Known for being one of Able’s leather good manufacturers, the staff at Sabegn seeks to cultivate the local creative network while providing a safe environment for women to create leather goods and learn additional skills.

Sabegn creates beautiful leather goods in a space that was formerly used as an informal brothel. Their business is an example of how spaces and cities can be transformed when safe spaces are created where women are free from exploitation, are valued and earn fair wages.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.