#BetterTogether- Our Prayer Warrior Heather Tomberlin

Addis Jemari  is sharing with all of you a unique series about the heart and soul behind AJ…all of YOU and how we are better together.

Here is a word from one of our prayer warriors, Heather Tomberlin, and why she agrees we are #BetterTogether.

“God placed such a call on my life to love on and pray for these girls and this ministry.  Not all of us can always go, and while my health puts so many limitations on being able to do trips such as this most of the time, we need not ever think that all we are doing is “praying”.  We tend to think, well all I can do is “pray.”  We have the phenomenal privilege to go ​before the throne of our great God, Lord, and Savior with our prayers, knowing He hears them, and believing He answers them. These precious girls need every ounce of our prayers.  They have spent most of their lives not having people to stand in the gap and cover them with prayers.  And now, they are in a place where they can grow and learn, being trained in God’s ways, and what could be more important to pray over?!  I pray for their health and their protection.  But most of all, I pray that they would have a hunger for God and His word, that they would long to live only for Him, and that they would know beyond a shadow of doubt that they are cherished treasures to Christ.  I pray for this ministry that seeks to love orphans and give them a chance at a life as a Godly woman, as a Christian who can make their mark on this world for the Kingdom.  I pray for the staff that they would not grow weary as I know how hard this work is, that they would stay in His word, and know they are the beautiful feet and hands and mouths of our Savior as they pour their lives into these girls as an offering. I pray for their provision.  I pray for so much for them every day! This is truly Kingdom work, and what an honor to be part of that work as we come along side of them and pray!”
~Heather Tomberlin, Prayer Warrior for Addis Jemari