Volunteers Help Us Flourish

Volunteering has a positive effect on the community we serve and you can do it from home! We invite you to join a team of people whose lives are being enriched through service.

New Opportunities Available

Becoming a volunteer is a great way to move our mission forward! We currently have several volunteer positions in our Retail, Admin, and Development departments. Let us know how you would like to serve with us, and we will be in touch with you promptly.

Silent Auction Committee Members (Most urgently needed!)

(10+ volunteers needed)

From August 1-November 15, we will be soliciting donated items from corporations and members of the community. We need volunteers to drop off solicitation letters and provide follow-up by picking up donations and delivering them to our office.

Revenue from the silent auction is a crucial part of our funding each year, so we are looking for highly motivated individuals comfortable with asking for donated items to help us raise funds.

Retail Events Team (Most urgently needed!)

(10+ positions available)

You will volunteer at Addis Jemari Marketplace events. You can be trained on the spot and your duties will include selling items, communicating the mission to customers, replenishing sold stock, operating the Square payment system, packing up purchases and occasionally assisting with the set-up and tear-down of events.

Shifts range from 2-4 hours per event. The event schedule is organized through the ‘Sign-Up Genius’ system, allowing you to choose your availability based on your convenience. Do as many or as few events as you would like – there is no pressure!

Development Committee

(10+ positions available)

Do you have an interest in helping our events go off without a hitch? Interested in learning about our fundraising/development strategy and how you can help? Do you have a knack for marketing and/or digital communications, and you can share some of your time with us? We’d love for you to join our Development Team!

The requirement for this is two to three meetings a year, and throughout the year, there will be volunteer opportunities at events and during campaigns that you can assist with, depending on your skill set, interests, and availability! This is a great volunteer position to do if you have an interest in ever being on the Addis Jemari board! It will give you a real insight into the organization on the U.S. side and what is needed to make Addis Jemari a thriving organization!

Novice Photographer

(two positions available)

We’re seeking someone who can handle product photography as new items arrive. This individual will capture white shots of all products using our white box for photos as they will appear on our website. The images will then need to be downloaded to Google Drive for electronic delivery.

The role requires setting up lighting and a white box for photography and operating a camera. It is also crucial to ensure consistency in image composition, lighting, and styling as necessary for each product shot.

The person will also handle digital capture duties, which include file naming, making corrections, uploading images, logging, and archiving pictures.

Experienced Photographer

(two positions available)

As new products arrive at the Addis Jemari Marketplace, we need an experienced photographer to capture model shots for our website. We will arrange the models and their schedules, and the photo sessions will be organized according to your availability.

It is important that you’re able to ensure consistency in terms of image composition, lighting, and styling, as necessary for each product shoot.

You’ll also be responsible for digital capture tasks, which include file naming, making necessary corrections, uploading images, logging, and archiving the pictures.

Website/eCommerce Assistant

(two positions available)

We need people who will upload new product information on our website as needed. Training will be provided for this position, including detailed instructions on uploading new products and the necessary steps to include these items in our inventory software management system and on our eCommerce platform. Work can be done from home.

Thank You Note Writer

(one position available)

We’re seeking a volunteer who can write thank you notes, expressing our appreciation to the generous donors and supporters of Addis Jemari. This work can be done at home and delivered back to Addis Jemari. This role entails ongoing work with peak periods in May and June, following our annual fundraising event, as well as in December and January, after our Fall Fling and end-of-year campaign.

Meeting Coordinators

(three positions available)

This volunteer position is geared towards those who can assist in coordinating various needs for meetings, including Teen Board meetings, AJ Board meetings, committee meetings, and volunteer team meetings. Volunteers are responsible for helping to coordinate meeting spaces and organizing meals and snacks. Their duties also encompass picking up the food and delivering it to the meeting location. Meetings occur sporadically throughout the year, and AJ will reach out to the volunteers a few weeks in advance of the meetings to check their availability to help coordinate them.

Wishlist Warriors

(three positions available)

This volunteer position at Addis Jemari involves actively searching for sales on recurring Amazon Wishlist items and notifying the AJ staff when essential items go on sale at various retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Costco, BJ’s, etc. Volunteers will use gift cards obtained by AJ staff through donations to purchase supplies from the respective stores where the gift cards were received.

They are also responsible for organizing and preparing packages of supplies at the AJ office in Raleigh, getting them ready to be sent to Ethiopia with staff and mission teams. The buying of supplies with gift cards and the packaging of these supplies occurs twice a year. However, the research for ongoing sales of essential items is a year-round task, done on a routine basis, and can be conducted from home.

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