Our Model

Our model is based on our belief that every family in Ethiopia has the right to thrive spiritually, socially, educationally, and economically.


Education is the best way to change the trajectory of a child’s life in Ethiopia. We make it a priority to ensure that the children from the communities we serve are able to access formal education. We provide necessary resources such as tuition, uniforms, and school supplies so families can ensure that their children are able to attend school. We facilitate tutoring sessions each week to support and encourage each child’s academic progress.

Economic Empowerment

Generational poverty is complex and multi-faceted, so we take a holistic approach as we seek to equip children and families with the relationships, resources, and information needed to thrive in all areas of life. Our economic empowerment training sessions include a wide variety of topics, such as time management, financial literacy curriculum, literacy, income generation, job skills, technology, and leadership.


At the heart of every interaction we have with the people we serve, is an understanding that every person is seen, known, and loved by God. Through all of our programs and services, we lay a foundation that each person is created in God’s image with a unique purpose. We seek to build trusting and meaningful relationships as we guide people toward the life and teaching of Jesus.

Social Support

We develop individualized case management plans for every child and family we serve because each person’s needs are unique. We provide counseling and training on life skills needed to thrive and succeed (including parenting, health and hygiene, and trauma and abuse). We also coordinate resources by referring children and families to other organizations for medical services and other urgent needs.

Learn More About Our Programs

AJ Home

Our reintegration program is a safe and loving home for orphaned and vulnerable teenage girls who no longer have parental care or have aged out of the orphanage system. 

Family Empowerment Program

Our three-year program engages directly with groups of economically disadvantaged mothers and fathers who are struggling to meet their family’s basic needs.