Fair Trade, twelfth day

May 1, 2018

Did you know World Fair Trade Day is Saturday, May 12? We are celebrating this day BIG by bringing to you the first ever “12 days of Fair Trade!”

For the next 12 days, we will be highlighting different fair trade items from our AJ Marketplace. The money from every piece of jewelry, leather, or scarf you buy from now until May 12 will go towards our summer enrichment program for our AJ Home. It is our goal to sign the #AJGirls up for summer school and training classes, as well as take the girls and staff on a summer family enrichment trip.

On the first day of Fair Trade, we present to you our new Belatu Bag ($152). It is named in honor of our wonderful housemother, Belatu. This bag is GORGEOUS and will surely be one of our greatest sellers! It’s the perfect size tote to grab and go as you head out the door each day. It’s chocolate brown with a beautiful camel inset on the front and the two-toned leather makes it so versatile, too. We only have THREE available, so order today by visiting https://addisjemari.org/product/belatu-bag/. (It makes for a great Mother’s Day gift!)

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