$50 for one month

Sep 4, 2020

We recently wrapped up our latest distribution of Covid-19 emergency food and supplies to the 50 families in our Family Empowerment Program. Our FEP families were so grateful!

Your contributions to our COVID-19 relief fund have been a tremendous blessing to our families. The supplies have provided a stable food source during these uncertain times, especially with food costs on the rise in Ethiopia. But most of all, the supplies that you all helped us provide show our families that they are loved for, cared for, and supported in miraculous ways!

We still need your help to fully fund this month’s supply of COVID-19 relief food distribution. For $50, you can fully support a family for one month with relief efforts of food, and hygiene products.

Donate online at https://addisjemari.org/donate and select the COVID-19 Relief Fund. Thanks for your consideration!