A big hit

Aug 22, 2019

Our Summer Enrichment Classes were a big hit for our AJ Girls and provided an opportunity for them to grow into well-rounded individuals.

One of our girls is learning how to play the piano and hopes to continue to grow her love for music by continuing her classes into the school year. Another one of our girls is taking a driver’s education class. These classes will help her with future job opportunities! Learning to crochet was at the top of the list for another one of our girls. She enjoys her weekly one-on-one crochet classes with a beloved member of the #AJFamily in Ethiopia! We cannot wait to share with you pictures of her creations soon.

Donations make summer enrichment opportunities possible! If you’d like to contribute and help offset the costs of our summer enrichment program, just go to www.addisjemari.org/#donate. Thank you!

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