A few of the challenges

Oct 11, 2019

Here are just a few of the challenges orphaned and vulnerable girls in Ethiopia face every day due to the effects of generational poverty:

▪️Break up of their family unit due to the loss of a


▪️Becoming the caregivers for younger siblings with

minimal resources to provide support

▪️No extended family units or community to rely on

▪️Choosing to provide for self/family over earning an


▪️When basic life needs are not met, such as daily food

and shelter, one cannot think about the future


Our AJ Home provides a safe and loving home, education, a weekly Bible Study with discipleship, life skills, and financial literacy training for once orphaned and vulnerable teenage girls. At our home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, our AJ girls have a safe and healthy living environment where they can find rest and love.

Please help us create lasting solutions to the challenges these girls face by becoming a monthly sponsor of our AJ Home: https://addisjemari.org/give/#sponsorajhome

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