A few years ago…

Apr 9, 2019

March was a busy month for our AJ girls as they had many doctors’ visits and check-up appointments. Healthcare is so vitally important, and something we can easily take for granted. A few years ago, one of our AJ girls was diagnosed with a serious but treatable condition. With the right medical care, medicine and support of the AJ family, we have seen her thrive and become a happy and healthy teenager. However, it has been determined that we need to obtain more testing as we continue to help her reach her greatest potential and her brightest future.

Those tests are part of standard treatment and healthcare for many but for some, it is not. Just as parents here work hard to give their children the care they need and deserve, we do the same in the AJ Home. That’s what family does and today, #AJFamily, we need your help. The tests we need scheduled will cost $280 US dollars. Will you consider giving so that we can make sure that happens? https://addisjemari.org/give/#donate

#WorldHealthDay #bettertogether #healthcare