AJ Home…. Where it All Got Started

Aug 30, 2022

The AJ Home is very special to us because it is how our organization began working in Ethiopia!

It is a family home setting where once orphaned and vulnerable teenage girls enjoy a real sense of security and belonging — where they learn and grow together, and share responsibilities. It is a safe place where they can experience the joy and challenges of daily life. The home is a family environment where they receive services and support as part of their journey toward reintegrating into their community.

Currently, the AJ Home and reintegration program is designed to serve orphaned and vulnerable teenage girls, who are no longer associated with orphanages and have no designated guardian to care for and raise them.

Our Program Model Features Four Key Components:

Education: We make education a priority in our program to ensure that the beneficiaries in our program can access formal schools with no barriers.

Economic Empowerment: We provide program beneficiaries with the resources. like skills training, and information needed to thrive in all areas of life. 

Discipleship: At the heart of every interaction, we have with the people we serve, is an understanding that every person is seen, known, and loved by God. 

Social Support: We develop individualized case management plans for every beneficiary we serve because each person’s needs are unique.

One of the challenges we’re experiencing is that our budget is being stretched! Due to inflation, food costs are higher than we anticpated by 35-50%, and it’s costing us exponentially more to feed 70+ children daily — which is more kids than we anticipated.

You can invest in the lives of these teenage girls as they move forward from being once orphaned to college or a career, to being a thriving part of the community where they live.

To support the teenage girls who are currently part of AJ Home, you can become an AJ Home sponsor today.