Anyone work for Cisco?

Dec 11, 2020

📢 Hey AJ Family…anyone work for Cisco? 📢Addis Jemari has provisional status in the Cisco BrightFunds corporate matching program.

That means that we only need $350 worth of donations or volunteer hours ($10 per hour volunteered to AJ) recorded in the BrightFunds tool to be reviewed and potentially become approved for matching.

If you have donated money or time in the last six months, go to the Bright Funds platform on the Cisco Giving and Volunteerism page and search for Addis Jemari.  Record your monetary donation (will need to provide a receipt, we can help with that, just reach out) and/or hours.  Encourage your co-workers to do the same! 👍🏻Once we get to $350, then any future donations will get matched!! 🌈🌈💛💛