As any parent would do for their children!

Oct 25, 2018

Life skills are one of our five core values at Addis Jemari. We believe in the importance of teaching our girls skills that will help them succeed in all aspects of their life. From learning how to make injera, a staple food in Ethiopia, to learning how to budget their time wisely, it is our staff’s job to instill these concepts, just as any parent would for their children.

Take learning how to roast coffee, for example. A coffee ceremony is easily one of the most recognizable parts of Ethiopian culture and it is a lengthy, beautiful process. Performing the coffee ceremony is considered an honor and is typically performed by the woman of the household. We want our girls to know this cherished tradition so they can do it in their own homes one day. #AddisJemari #LifeSkills #Coffee #AJ5CoreValues