As many of you mothers out there do

Nov 16, 2018

A mother has a unique role in a family unit. She is vital in many things that are seen but oh so much that goes unnoticed each day. Every mother is equipped to mold and shape, love and nurture, protect and push. In the AJ home, we have been beyond blessed to have such wonderful housemothers. They work tirelessly, just as many of you mothers out there do, too. They pour everything into our AJ girls with the intent to help them prosper and go into the world as vibrant, self- assured and self-sustained young women who change their communities and the world.

As we recognize the many things we have to be thankful for this month, we want to always remember to be thankful for our AJ Housemothers. Our AJ family has grown in the last few months and we would love to introduce to you, Elisbet and Kuribachew. Give them a warm welcome and join us in thanksgiving for every mother who gives so much to the children of the world. #bettertogether #AJFamily