As part of our future growth plan

Oct 10, 2020

Our Family Empowerment Program (FEP) families’ and AJ girls’ mental health and well-being are as important to us as their physical and economic well-being.

To meet the mental health needs of the people we serve, we have multiple staff members in Ethiopia with a background in social work, helping us serve our girls and families to our fullest capabilities. As AJ grows and increases our impact across Ethiopia, we have realized that we must also offer more in-depth counseling to empower those we serve and create lasting solutions that will ultimately end the cycle of generational poverty in Ethiopia.

As part of our future growth plan, we started investigating ways to employ a Psychologist in Ethiopia who could regularly work with the children and adults in our programs. As we work through this possibility for our program, we ask you to please pray that God will put the right people and resources in our path. ❤️ #worldmentalhealthday #worldmentalhealthday2020