Did you know?

Dec 28, 2020

Did you know names hold great meaning and value in Ethiopia?

Temesgan is our guard at AJ Home and the name was given to him at birth which means Thank you, God. However, he is known to us as Ababa. Ababa translated in Amharic means Father and that is just what he is to us.

Ababa is a wise man with much life experience. He is originally from the Northern part of Ethiopia and once was a farmer. He is the father of six children himself and now to many others. He enjoys teaching our AJ girls about gardening and is always growing something himself. We have been blessed to eat from the fruits of his labor. Ababa is always busy and active and has imparted many lessons to us all. His giggle is contagious and his hugs welcoming. Thank you God seems perfectly fitting for such a man.