Easter (Fasika) in Ethiopia!

Apr 8, 2018

Today is Easter in Ethiopia and it is a day filled with family and friends. Starting last night on Saturday evening, families attended church together to worship and pray into the wee hours of the morning. They left from the church and traveled to the family home and around 3 a.m, families shared a meal together, many from the same plate (a sign of love and adoration) as they break their fasting period of 55 days.

The weekend was busy, as many Ethiopians finalized plans and prepared for the Easter holiday, purchasing the last things needed at the market, families chopping and cutting garlic and onions by the kilos, baking the bread, and preparing for the slaughter of the sheep and the chickens for Doro Wat (chicken stew). It is a time of great love and laughter.

We want to wish all our Ethiopian family and friends a joyous Easter and we celebrate with them the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ and the hope that only comes through Him. Melkam Fasika!