Education is Key to a Brighter Future i n Ethiopia

Sep 12, 2023

Education is the backbone of our work in Ethiopia, aimed at empowering the next generation for a better future. Education is a crucial element in breaking the cycle of poverty for the children involved in our Family Empowerment Program and AJ Home.

Many of the children who become part of our programs face significant challenges in life and lack the essential resources for educational success. That’s why we are so committed to prioritizing education in every way possible. Every day, our team puts in the effort to make education a primary focus for the girls in AJ Home and all the children in our Family Empowerment Program (FEP).

We help each child get the education they deserve in three main ways.

  1. We ensure that families in FEP and staff in the AJ Home enroll their children in school.
  2. We provide all the essential school supplies a child might need for the entire school year.
  3. We offer extra help through tutoring sessions three times a week to reinforce learning and help children prepare for tests. These tutoring sessions also include providing healthy meals, helping improve not just their minds but also their bodies.

We even go beyond the regular school year with special summer tutoring programs. These summer sessions concentrate on getting the children up to speed on vital subjects, ensuring they are prepared and confident as they move into the next grade. This summer boost is crucial for starting the new school year strong.

So, when we say education is important to us, we really mean it! Making education a priority is vital for creating a stable future for these children. And none of this would be possible without your ongoing support and contributions to our programs.

Thank you for being part of this life-changing journey!