Empowerment & Income Generation: A Journey from Struggle to Sustainability

Aug 15, 2023

The Income Generating Activity (IGA) — a significant component of our Family Empowerment Program (FEP) — was conceived to alleviate household poverty by equipping mothers with the tools for financial independence.

Today, we want to share the story of one of those moms with you. Here is a brief summary of Assegedech’s journey.

Assegedech joined FEP and was inspired to start a small food stall with her husband. It’s been two years since they began. She already had a talent for making snacks, but then she dove into the IGA lessons, and our training gave her deeper insights into cooking and managing finances effectively.

With guidance from our team, she mapped out her business plan. Working side by side with her dedicated husband, they pooled funds, including some support from AJ. Their first year was promising. They earned around 3,750 birr ($75 USD) monthly. From their earnings, they expanded from one to two stalls and even started saving. However, Ethiopia’s economic situation brought challenges, primarily related to drastically rising expenses.

By the second year, mounting costs forced them to consolidate back to one stall. But they adapted. Assegedech started prepping snacks from home, which her husband sold at their single stall. They remain hopeful, believing that they’ll grow again once expenses stabilize.

Before her time with FEP, Assegedech faced daunting challenges. She struggled to provide simple things like shoes for her three children. But today, with AJ’s support and the training received, her family’s story has turned a corner. They have more stability and are deeply thankful to all who’ve been part of AJ’s mission.

Their gratitude extends to every donor and partner as they step closer to a poverty-free future.