Jun 15, 2018

Exciting news from AJ…we are launching our new Family Empowerment Program (FEP) THIS SUMMER!

Through our Family Empowerment Program, AJ will work directly with families living in impoverished conditions, who are struggling to fulfill daily needs. AJ will focus on supporting families economically, emotionally, and spiritually, with the goal of keeping the family unit together.

AJ will offer nutritional support, monthly financial support, medical assistance, life skills and financial literacy training, counseling services, discipleship opportunities, and educational support to our FEP beneficiaries. By offering a program that encourages, educates and empowers families to stay together as a unit, it is our prayer that we will work towards preventing family breakdown.

Stay tuned for more information on FEP and how you can get involved! #AJFEP #AJFamily #LoveBig