A Family-Oriented Approach at AJ Home

Feb 7, 2023

AJ Home opened in 2016 to create a safe and loving environment for orphaned and vulnerable teenage girls so they could learn and grow together, share responsibilities, and experience the joy and challenges of daily life.

As we serve the girls in our care, we apply a family-oriented approach and a setting where they can grow and thrive.

Seven years later, the home is now at maximum capacity.

Each of the six teenage girls receives one-on-one attention and mentoring from qualified staff members who are dedicated to their success.

The following is from Weyni, our AJ Home program coordinator, as she reflects on our family-oriented approach.

“Creating a family environment between the staff and the young ladies we serve is essential for providing the best possible care. It is the bond that exists between them that truly makes it a ‘home.’

Our program stands out among other nonprofits in Ethiopia because we create a genuine family bond by truly sharing life with the girls. We take pride in the sense of belonging we foster because we strive to ensure a safe and welcoming place for each of them.

We spend quality time together during the holidays, and all the girls get involved in cooking the holiday meals. Outside of holidays, we enjoy traveling together and exploring new places, bonding with one another, and creating lasting memories.”

Your continued generosity helps ensure that we can serve each of the girls with dignity, love, and respect.