Family Day with the AJ Girls and Staff: By Lydia Johnson

Sep 23, 2021

We were able to be part of an AJ Home FAMILY DAY! This was an incredible experience. First of all, we stepped outside of the day-to-day work while on our latest mission trip and got to see a beautiful part of the city of Addis Ababa from Entoto Mountain. The views were stunning, but nothing compared to the company. Becky and I were both returning to Ethiopia after 2.5 years, and we had established a relationship with three of the AJ girls from our first trip! Getting to see them 2.5 years older, further along and thriving, brought a feeling of such pride in them and in Addis Jemari, for all they have done to pour into these girls.

We also got to spend time with the three new girls and get to know them. They are new on this journey of being part of a home and family filled with Christ’s love, but they are doing wonderful, and we left loving them as much as we love the older three girls.

We also spent time with the staff. AJ has the most loving, competent native staff on the ground. They truly feel the depth of passion Cindy Douglass and US staff, volunteers, board members and supporters have for them and they love their country, and the people they serve. I would love to say it was the best day, and it was…but so was every other day we were in Ethiopia!