FEP: A Family-Oriented Approach

Feb 28, 2023

Our Family Empowerment Program (FEP) is a three-year family-oriented program. In every program cycle, we enroll 50 families experiencing extreme poverty and work with them to change their life trajectories.

Our FEP Coordinator, Leila, recently said, “We strive to create a family environment between the staff and the people we serve. Three recent cases show how this approach is woven into our services.”

  • In Ethiopian culture, family members are present when a woman gives birth. At the peak of the COVID pandemic, this custom wasn’t possible for one new mother. The AJ staff stepped in and gave her the support she needed, and she even asked one of the staff members to be the baby’s Godmother.
  • Last year, when one of the FEP mothers passed away, our team spent time with the children alongside other relatives who had come to comfort them. Following the funeral and customary three-day mourning period, our social workers continued to deliver groceries and supported the children as they grieved.
  • When an FEP graduate family lost their son, the mother called AJ immediately to share the tragic news. Our staff stepped in immediately to support the family and build a strong bond with them through their grief.

Leila said, “Implementing a family-oriented approach is something we cherish and value deeply. These stories show we take great care to respond to each situation that families encounter in their daily lives.”

Your continued generosity helps ensure that our team is able to care for each person we serve with a family-oriented approach.