Fifty Families Graduate from FEP

Jul 11, 2022

Drumroll, please… our first 50 families graduated from our Family Empowerment Program!

We are excited to announce that our first group of 50 families graduated from our Family Empowerment Program last month!

This was three years in the making, and we could not be prouder!

Over the past three years, we have seen so much progress. Fifty formerly impoverished families are now on the path to becoming self-sufficient. Their living conditions have vastly improved. Their children are better educated and equipped for success in the classroom. The health conditions of family members are better.

The future is looking bright!

All the mothers who started small businesses are currently working on their Income Generating Activities (IGA) using the training they received and the knowledge they gained. These mothers have worked hard and learned a lot, and are now ready to take on their future with dignity and determination.

When they joined our program in 2019, the 50 families were living in extreme poverty, struggling with basic expenses, some unable to send their children to school, and unable to afford healthcare or nutritious food.

In the past three years, people like you, and our partners at Charlie’s Heart Foundation and Grace Raleigh Church, have directly impacted the lives of these 50 families!

Because of this support, we have been able to address the problems the families had been facing. And now, fifty families are lifted out of poverty.

  • They were given a sustainable solution for their poverty situation after being carefully selected by the Ethiopian government and verified by Addis Jemari.
  • Mothers have been supported by starting Income Generating Activity (IGA).
  • They are now connected to financial institutions if they want to expand their business further.
  • They can now provide for their children and send them to school.
  • They have access to healthcare and nutritious food.
  • They have a more positive outlook on life.

We celebrated the graduation of our first 50 families at our FEP Center. All the family members, the AJ team, and our partners from the government district offices were present. The ceremony was emotional for everyone, and the families’ words of appreciation were so encouraging!

We are now preparing to select a second round of 50 families to join our program this summer.

The intake process for the new families is currently taking place, and we will introduce you to these mothers, fathers and children in the coming weeks.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this program over the past three years! Because of you, these families that we love so dearly have moved from merely surviving to thriving.

As we move forward with the next group of families, would you consider investing in their lives through sponsorship?