Giving Tuesday: Grit and Determination will Make Enku’s Business a Success…We Need to Rally Around Her!

Nov 22, 2021

Meet Enku, one of the 50 mothers in our Family Empowerment Program (FEP).

Enku is a single mother of two girls. She raises her children by washing clothes in people’s houses, a sporadic way of making income that she only gets based on chance and opportunity.

Previous to joining Addis Jemari, Enku was really struggling because her husband disappeared from home. By that time, Enku was four months pregnant and she was extremely devastated and scared.

We are so proud of Enku for all her courage! She has faced adversity and shown immense grit. She is one of our Family Empowerment Program (FEP) mothers who is ready to start an income generating activity (IGA). Making and selling injera (Ethiopian flat bread) is Enku’s choice of business, and she closely worked with the AJ staff in Ethiopia in her IGA planning.

IGA refers to all trainings, resources, and interventions Addis Jemari provides to enhance the readiness of our FEP families to start activities that improve their household economy.

Enku is excellent in making injera and she already owns some of the fixed assets needed for the business. She is also going to use her residence to run her business, but needs support to purchase additional items, such as a new injera maker, barrel, and baking jar, and other raw materials needed for the business plan. Enku has done a market analysis and have already identified many potential customers in her area.

Would you join us on this Giving Tuesday by investing in this female entrepreneur? Our goal is to raise $15,000 today to help her and our other 49 FEP mothers receive the startup funding they need to get their business off the ground.

Update: December 10, 2021

Your investment is bringing change!
It has been a long journey for Enku, one of our Family Empowerment Program (FEP) mothers, since she joined Addis Jemari’s program in 2019. Her journey has been one of resilience and hope!

Enku has little formal education; however, her lack of adequate education is not preventing her from striving towards a brighter future! The AJ staff in Ethiopia have been observing how confident Enku has been so far and the potential she has to start a new business.

Towards her dream of realizing a reliable income and becoming self-sufficient, Enku is now maximizing on her injera-making skills (Ethiopia flatbread) to run her recently launched business. AJ is grateful for the level of response received from our donors to help Enku pursue her dream.

Today, we want to show you where Enku is in terms of implementing her business plan and how she is progressing in her endeavor. According to a recent visit made by one of our social workers, Enku has already started her business within the premises of her residence. In addition to buying ingredients needed to make injera, Enku has invested money in buying one electric and one manual injera maker. It is a smart move for her to buy the manual injera maker so that her business won’t be affected by a power disruption.
Currently, she is in the capacity of producing 100 injeras per day and is distributing that to restaurants and individual households. This puts Enku in the position of making a monthly net income of 4,360 Birr (90 USD).

As Enku is moving into the path of success, we would like to recognize the generous donors who have helped make this opportunity possible!

Your donation will make a difference in Enku’s life and the lives of her two children! Please visit and make your life-changing donation today!