Giving Tuesday: Let’s Help Elshaday Scale Up Her Tea and Coffee Shop

Nov 24, 2021

Meet Elshaday, one of the 50 mothers in our Family Empowerment Program (FEP).

Elshaday is a single mother of two children. She was previously cleaning public showers and toilets to earn income to support her family. Located in their area of residence, she and her friend were responsible for running the public service site. But at some point, they were asked by the water development office to pay 10,000 birr ($250) out of pocket to cover for the water expenses that was used and accumulated overtime. This forced Elshaday to quit this job.

Elshaday, however, did not sit idle. After sometime, and with the encouragement she received from her oldest daughter, she was able to start a tea and coffee shop. It was six months ago that she opened this shop with goods she already had at home. Fortunately, Elshaday was able to secure free workplace from her residential district office. She now has a well-established number of customers who have requested her to add fast food and soft drinks to her business.

The Income Generating Activity is a key component of AJ’s Family Empowerment Program and includes training, resources, and interventions we provide to help families increase their household income — with the ultimate goal of becoming self-reliant.

Elshaday is a hard-working mother and is good in her saving practice. She has now more than six months experience in the tea and coffee selling business, but needs additional money to scale it up to accommodate requests made by her customers to add fast foods, such as egg sandwich and potatoes with chili.

Would you join us on this Giving Tuesday by investing in this female entrepreneur? Our goal is to raise $15,000 today to help her and our other 49 FEP mothers receive the startup funding they need to get their business off the ground.

Your donation will make a difference in Elshaday’s life and the lives of her two children! Please visit and make your life-changing donation today!