Giving Tuesday: We Need Your Help

Nov 30, 2020

Our vision at Addis Jemari is to break the cycle of generational poverty. We are doing our best to meet the needs and project components that we believe will help our families ultimately stay together and be successful. We know both our mothers and their children need further support that we can provide, and we need your help!

I spend my days alongside each of the families, and in doing so, have really gotten to know them well. I have learned the difficulties they have faced first-hand. It goes without saying that they are or have faced hard things that have caused much pain. We have mothers who are dealing with areas such as physical and mental abuse, rape, and overall trauma. We need a professional psychologist who has studied and has expertise in these areas.

Having this would allow our families to have work through areas that our staff alone know cannot meet fully. We believe in the overall care of those we serve, having this component in our program is vital for that care and success of our families. I would say mental health is just as vital as food, education, and physical health. Will you help us?

By: Leila Shikur
FEP Program Coordinator

We would be so grateful if you came alongside us today on Giving Tuesday and donated to our The Gift of Mental Health fundraiser! It is our goal to hire a psychologist for 20 hours/week in 2021 to provide  guidance counseling and support to our Family Empowerment Program families. To help, please go to and select “Giving Tuesday- Psychologist- 2o hours/week” in the drop down box.

Anything you give today will be matched by a generous donor!