It was such a joyous Holiday!

Apr 11, 2018

Our #AJFamily celebrated Easter this past weekend, and it was such a joyous occasion! They spent much quality time together, preparing Easter lunch and eating as a family to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Our program director, Sima, said this of our guard, Ababa, “Ababa was smiling while we were trying to capture our family photo, and after we took the photo, he just kept smiling! We told him the picture had been taken, but he said he couldn’t stop smiling because he was so happy. It was the best part of my day.”

Family celebrations and holiday gatherings are so special to our #AJGirlsand staff, and are made possible by our wonderful monthly AJ Family sponsors, who generously give $100/month for holiday celebrations and so much more. You are an enormous blessing to us! We are in need of just five more AJ Family Sponsors to keep the smiles coming! To learn how you get get involved with sponsorship, visit