January 7- GENA (Ethiopian Christmas)

Dec 20, 2017

Only five days until Christmas here in the US, but in Ethiopia, we still have over two weeks to go! (In Ethiopia, they celebrate Christmas on January 7.)

If you and your family would like to help us prepare, we still have few tangible ways you can help.

– Christmas Lunch for AJ Girls and AJ Staff ($148)

– Christmas Bonuses for AJ Staff ($300 left to be filled)

– Christmas Gifts for AJ Girls and Staff to be bought in-country

You can simply donate online towards one of these items (www.addisjemari.org/donate). Just send us a message at info@addisjemari.org and let us know what you gave towards so we can make sure it goes to that part of Christmas at AJ! #grateful #thankful#WishlistWednesday #AJFamily #LoveBig