Leather and Jewelry Care

So, you just purchased a handmade Addis Jemari leather bag or piece of ammo jewelry and you’re wondering, how do I care for it so it will stay beautiful and last for years to come?


The Ethiopian leather used in our bags is untreated and will show signs of scuff and wear over time. It will become a peice that will tell the story of your life and all the places it travels with you.

Use a damp cloth once a week to wipe down your bag to get rid of dirt and dust. Doing this on a consistent basis will help rid your bag of natural residue your bag encounters on a daily basis.

Use a leather conditioner and a light-colored cotton rag, we have the perfect kit on our site, every six months to keep your leather feeling soft. Conditioning also helps to prevent wrinkles and cracks. If you live in a dry climate condition your bag every three months.


Keeping your jewelry in airtight baggies or a container and keeping them away from water is the best way to keep them looking their best! If your piece is exposed to water, dry it as soon as possible.

The best method for cleaning is to buff lightly with a soft dry cloth. If your piece needs a little extra love, clean with a mild dishwashing soap.

For pieces that have tarnished due to prolonged exposure to air use a commercial brass cleaner and follow the directions as indicated on the bottle.