Meet Aisha: Bringing Positive Change to Her Life

Oct 5, 2020

This is Aisha, one of the mothers in our Family Empowerment Program! Her only child, Dagim, is now four years-old and attended kindergarten last year. This year, he is waiting to start school when the Ethiopian government decides it is safe to reopen schools, which should be soon! In a recent visit to her home by our social worker, Aisha said the following:

“Previous to joining this organization, I did not have any furniture or money that I can use to buy every day essential items. But after I joined Addis Jemari, I was able to buy beds and some kitchen supplies. I was able to do all these through the money I saved from the monthly support that I receive from the organization.”

The financial support that Addis Jemari (AJ) is providing to Aisha and her son decreased their vulnerability to family breakdown. The testimonial from Aisha demonstrates that the support she gets from AJ continues to bring positive changes in her family’s life. This is not only through providing household food security, but also the ability to send her son to kindergarten and save money every month.

Before meeting her in 2019, Aisha used to earn very little and inconsistent income by washing cloth and performing any daily work she could get. She is still doing daily labor that is helping her save better every month, in addition to the 20 percent she saves from the AJ monthly stipend.

Income Generating Activity is one of the components of our Family Empowerment Program, where AJ comes along the 50 mothers in the program to help them become self-sufficient. Aisha has been going through various trainings at our FEP Center for the past two years, and the next step with Aisha is to prepare her for a business she seeks to pursue. AJ will help her start a viable income-generating activity to help her earn constant income. The goal is to eventually enable Aisha to live without monthly financial support from us.

Interested in helping mothers like Aisha in our Family Empowerment Program? We still need monthly sponsors for our Family Empowerment Program! For $60/month (that’s only $2/day), you can make a REAL difference in the lives of our FEP families in Ethiopia.

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