Meet Alganesh: She’s so grateful for all the support she and her children are receiving!

Jan 17, 2021

Alganesh is one of the incredible mothers in our Family Empowerment Program! She had a rural upbringing and her education is almost entirely focused on household management and caring for family.

Alganesh had a difficult life of having to migrate from place to place. She gave birth to a total of six children but four live in the countryside with a relative. The two youngest children live with her and one is a breast-feeding infant.

This is what Alganesh says about her previous situation, “The life I had before was hard. I never had enough to eat and drink. I used to depend on handouts from people to raise my children. We used to sleep without food if we did not manage to get any. But after I am enrolled in this organization, I’ve managed to feed my children through the financial support. There is no huger now and I am happy.”

Because of the burden of caring for her infant, Alganesh does not have the chance to go out and engage in daily labor and make some income. She also has no formal education and does not know how to read or write. She said, “I used to be scared to talk to people. I’ve managed to make some improvements because of the training we received at Addis Jemari.”

Alganesh is grateful for every support she and her children are receiving from AJ. She also said, “The monthly food support you do for us during this this time of Covid-19 saved our life. My children and I are happy for what has been done for us.”