Meet Atsede…

Sep 11, 2020

It was January 2019 that we first met Atsede and her two children, Edelawit and Tsega. Atsede and her two children were living in the one-room shelter made of wood and mud. Three mattresses, three blankets, a cupboard, a bench, and a few chairs were the only items that the family owned.

A few months before joining Addis Jemari, Atsede had the chance to work in a factory and made 1000 birr ($35 USD) per month. This was the only income for the family, of which seventy percent went to house rent.

Edelawit, Atsede’s daughter, and Tsega, her son, were 19 and 11-year-olds, respectively. Edelawit was a high school graduate and she could not continue her education because she had no one to help her cover college expenses. Instead, she had to engage in factory work to financially support her mother.

This is how Atsede now remembers her previous situation:

“It was not long after my return from working in the Middle East and then working in a factory for few months that I found Addis Jemari charity organization. I was so desperate because I had nothing at hand when I returned to my country. I had no money even to send my son to school.”

Atsede said, “After I joined Addis Jemari, it became possible to send my son to school. Addis Jemari is doing a good job of sending children to school, providing for their needs, and giving them counseling and enrichment opportunities. We as a family are receiving support to lead a better life. Now we have a better hope for the future. I’m so happy!”

Our social worker who recently visited Atsede’s family reported that her son Tsega’s school performance is improving and that he likes his school very much. Tsega told the social worker that he likes coming to the Family Empowerment Center to attend weekly tutoring. Edelawit also began attending college and completed her first year! When Ethiopia reopens schools and colleges, both Tsega and Edelawit will be returning to the classroom.

Additionally, a very good thing happened to Atsede’s family after they became part of Addis Jemari. The father who had left the family has since rejoined the family. He was separated from his family for two years. It is really heartwarming to see the family united and the children smiling!

All these good things are taking place because of the generous support of our donors and champions, whom we are always grateful for!