Meet Berke: Learn How She Has Felt During Covid-19

Dec 3, 2020

Meet Berke! She said this of her involvement with Addis Jemari’s Family Empowerment Program, “I benefited a lot after being enrolled in Addis Jemari. Addis Jemari helped me out from a huge problem. My husband does not work and I used to rely only on government safety-net program.”

Safety-net is a program run by the Ethiopian government and the purpose is to provide cash or food payments against public work. These include building local infrastructure (e.g. roads) or protecting the environment (e.g. planting trees).

Berke said, “Now I am receiving support from Addis Jemari in many ways and I am happy. I also had no other means in the COVID situation. But because of AJ’s support, I was able to get through these past few, hard months with no problem. This is a big relief for me. Thank you for everything!”

Berke and her husband have three children, Berhane, Ashenafi, and Natnael. Berke’s husband was a soldier and retired due to an injury in one of his legs and arm. Before AJ, the family used to live on the husband’s pension and the occasional income Berke gets from participating in the government safety net program.

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