Meet Biftu, A Strong Mother in our Family Empowerment Program

Nov 9, 2020

Meet Biftu! She is a mother in our Family Empowerment Program.  When asked what she thinks about being a part of the AJ Family, she said, “This organization stands for my family. Addis Jemari is an organization where I learned how to better organize and lead my life. Leading life with a plan, managing money properly, and saving money includes among the things I’ve learned.”

Biftu is a strong young woman and is a mother of three. The family lives in a compound where five other families live. Biftu had three years of formal education and the last grade she attended was more than 15 years ago.

Biftu gave birth to her third child after joining Addis Jemari’s Family Empowerment Program. She found out about her pregnancy after she separated from her husband. (They have since reunited!) This, however, added stress to her already existing frustrations. She was in an emotional and economic crisis, however, she maintained her vegetable selling business until eight months into her pregnancy. In addition to the economic and psychosocial support she received from AJ, the close relationship Biftu has with neighbors was critical for her strength and survival.

Although a lack of education limits her business’s efficiency, Biftu aspires to return to the vegetable business and get the most out of it. That’s where Addis Jemari will partner alongside her even further, giving her income generation training, literacy training and educational support. She is confident in her physical ability and plans to get back to her vegetable business after figuring out the best way to care for her infant child alongside running the business.

AJ is grateful to its donors and champions who make it possible to support resilient women such as Biftu!