Meet Cynthia Jernigan, Board Secretary for Addis Jemari

Jun 30, 2016

Cynthia JerniganJune 30, 2016- Meet Cynthia Jernigan! Cynthia is our board secretary. She keeps us organized, always keeps it real, and ALWAYS makes us laugh.

A few fun facts about Cynthia….she has never had a cavity. (Truth!) Her first concert was Kenny Rogers and Crystal Gayle. (AMAZING!) Her favorite food is anything in the Mexican cuisine category, especially her homemade salsa with ingredients from her own garden.

Cynthia said this of why she wanted to be part of Addis Jemari: “When I first went to Ethiopia in 2015 and visited with the teenage girls in the orphanage, I felt such a connection and desire to love on them and help them. I couldn’t shake the image of one 13 year-old girl that I had spent time with, held hands with, laughed with…sitting on the steps, looking abandoned, as we drove away. That stayed with me. I kept thinking, ‘What can I do?’ ‘How can I help them when I live in North Carolina?’ I kept thinking how different their lives could be if someone could come alongside of them and disciple and mentor them…and now Addis Jemari is a way to do that. I want to be a part of helping to encourage, educate and empower these beautiful girls. Addis Jemari allows me to actively pursue that desire. It was an answer to my prayer…how could I not be a part of that?”

We are so grateful for you, Cynthia!