Meet Derartu: Your Financial Support Allows Her to Think about her Future!

Mar 31, 2021

Before joining Addis Jemari’s Family Empowerment Program, Derartu used to live on a sporadic income she used to make from daily manual work. Due to health problems, Derartu was at some point forced to stop the manal work and shift to selling vegetables on the roadside. Derartu said,  “I have kidney problem. It is hard for me to work and manage my life. I am now able to live because you are supporting me.”

The support Derartu is getting from Addis Jemari is helping her to feed her family. It is also helping her cover house rent. Derartu says, ‘‘The financial support had helped me to think what I can start doing next and make income. If your support was not there, both I and my sons would have been out on the street now.’’

Derartu’s children are Henok, a 6th grader and Barkot, her oldest son who lives in the countryside and dropped out of school a few years ago. She said, ‘‘My son Henok loves coming to the Addis Jemari FEP Center to study. By coming to the center and attending trainings, I have also gained from learning different skills. The training on parenting skills, for example, have helped me to improve on the way I raise children and have conversations with them.’’

Economic strengthening is one of the areas that Addis Jemari is supporting mothers in. Derartu is currently trying her best to make income to support her family but she needs support in making a planned move. Improvements in economic situation of families make is an important area that Addis Jemari intervenes to help families excel in other areas of their lives.