Meet Desta, one of the amazing mothers in our Family Empowerment Program

Aug 10, 2020

Addis Jemari’s Family Empowerment approach enhances the capability of families to solve problems that exist due to poverty.

Desta, one of our Family Empowerment Program (FEP) beneficiaries, lives with her 15-year-old son, Getachew. Desta is 35 and her schooling stopped at 5th grade.

When we first met the family in 2019, Desta’s son, Getachew, was in 8th grade. Because of the economic difficulty that Desta was in, there was a high chance that Getachew could have had dropped out of school. Thanks to the support of our donors, Desta now has an increased hope that her son will complete high school and join higher education.

Desta washes clothes in people’s homes, but because of illness, she earns an inconsistent income of around 450 birr per month (around $16 USD). This is not enough to cover her rent of 800 birr ($28 USD) for a small room she and her son share.

Desta is raising her son alone and Getachew’s father (who is living in the countryside) can only occasionally send some grain and money to help.

This is where AJ comes in to economically strengthen Desta so that she and her son remain together. Unless we strengthen at-risk families, children will not be cared for well and will be more likely to go out of their homes to find means of survival.

In our Family Empowerment Program, we work to reduce household vulnerability to breakdown due to poverty. Our goal is to support families to transform themselves into a better place.

Desta said, “Addis Jemari sees us like family and it is an organization that is here to help. Before coming to Addis Jemari, my life was not good, but after joining Addis Jemari, I see a better hope for the future.”

Through the monthly stipends Addis Jemari provides through its generous donors, we are helping families stay together by supporting mothers like Desta to meet basic needs, build up their savings, and eventually grow family resources.

Desta said, “I learned from Addis Jemari that it is possible to change a life by working hard and developing a culture of saving. I also learned how to better raise children and take care of my family.”

Desta is thankful to God who made her become part of Addis Jemari’s program. “I am grateful to those who established the organization and all who are supporting us,” Desta said.

“I never imagined that I would ever have an opportunity to get support like this. It hasn’t been easy for me, but after I came to Addis Jemari, I’ve regained hope. Now I know that even if I fall again, I can get back up again.”

Poverty is a key driver to family breakdown. That is why our FEP focuses on improving the economic situation of families and thus children’s wellbeing through providing nutrition, health, education, and eventually, income generating activities.

We work to reduce household vulnerability to breakdown due to poverty. Our aim is to support families to transform themselves to a better place.  Will you consider coming alongside us in these efforts? We are looking for 20 more monthly FEP sponsors at $60/month. For less than $2 a day, you can make a real difference in the lives of a family we serve in Ethiopia. To learn more, please visit