Meet Emebet: Thanking God for the opportunity of living a better day!

Feb 17, 2021

Emebet is a mother of two children, Dagne and Haimanot. When asked about her involvement of Addis Jemari, she said, “It is a miracle for my family to be a part of Addis Jemari!”

She thanked God for the opportunity of living a better day today than yesterday and for filling her with hope.

When she joined Addis Jemari, Emebet was hopeless. She was taking care of her children and was thinking of moving back to the countryside to live with her extended family. She, however, hesitated to make that move, in fear of destroying the children’s opportunity of attending school. She has since stayed and her children are doing so well in school and enjoying their time at the Center.

Emebet said, “Out of the trainings I received, I’ve learned how to manage money. The trainings from Addis Jemari have helped me to improve on my weaknesses. Addis Jemari has especially been a great support when I had no one to discuss some hard circumstances surrounding my daughter. I’ve got the chance to mend my broken heart. My daughter is now coming to the center and playing around with other kids. This gives me a big relief.”

Emebet’s family sees today as a better day than yesterday and looks forward to live even better days!

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