Meet Enku: A Story of Resilience

Mar 17, 2021

Enku is a strong, personable young woman who smiles constantly and maintains close relationship with her neighbors. She is a single mother of two girls and lives in a compound with five other households.

Enku has little formal education and struggles with her reading and writing skills. She raises her children by washing clothes in people’s houses, a sporadic way of making income that she gets based on chance and opportunity.

Previous to joining Addis Jemari, she was in a huge problem because her husband disappeared from home without saying anything. By that time, Enku was four months pregnant and she was extremely devastated and scared. She did not know how to raise her children without a father. Fortunately, someone generous offered the family a shelter and they began living there. The shelter was made of plastic and barely protected the family from the sun, rain and cold.

Enku said, “I was so happy when Addis Jemari included me as a beneficiary. I was in a very difficult situation and did not have much hope that my new baby would survive long. The shelter we lived in was not good for anyone, let alone for a small baby. But following Addis Jemari’s support, I now live in a condominium that I received from the government. I no more have a problem of proper shelter.”

Although her lack of education limits options of getting a better job, Enku  is confident in her physical labor and  has the eagerness to learn new skill that will help her make better income. She is learning new skills and trainings at Addis Jemari, and with hard work, her future will be bright! We need people to come alongside mothers like Enku to help them provide a better life for their children. Won’t you consider becoming a monthly Family Empowerment Program sponsor? For $60/month (that’s just $2/day), you can make a HUGE difference in the lives of one of the families we serve in Ethiopia!