A Mom in Ethiopia Gets Support From Our Team

Jan 24, 2023

Our case managers begin working with Family Empowerment Program (FEP) participants as soon as they enroll in the program. They walk with them to ensure their progress as they engage in training, counseling, and tutoring sessions.

Case managers provide a safe and secure space for mothers and children to have meaningful conversations, allowing them to build trust with our staff.
Mothers in the program always know they can share personal challenges with our team.

Ongoing communication is a priority, which gives them opportunities to talk about health, employment, their children’s education and behavior, and much more. While case managers cannot solve every problem, program beneficiaries always know they have someone to talk to.

Maheder is a mother in FEP who has a child with a disability. Before joining our program, she had gone through a lot of difficulties, including serious financial struggles. Because of these challenges, she spent most days feeling lonely and hopeless.

After joining FEP, she engaged in our training sessions and started meeting with a case manager who gave her the time and personal attention she needed. The program staff began to support her, encouraging her to pursue medical interventions for her child. They let her know that she could go to the FEP Center anytime to receive support.

Now, Maheder is very comfortable with our staff and visits the center regularly to meet with her case manager and other program staff. They provide her with guidance, counseling, and emotional support, and they share resources with her to ensure that Maheder and her child receive the best care possible.

Because of your love, prayers, and financial support, women like Maheder receive relational support from our team in Ethiopia, who let them know that they are seen, known, and loved by God.