Our Holistic Approach Paves The Way to Transformation

Jun 6, 2023

At Addis Jemari (AJ), our commitment to holistic care deeply shapes how we serve our families and students.

We firmly believe in addressing the root issues of generational poverty and offering solutions that encompass physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and economic empowerment. We do all of this to ensure we meet the unique needs of each individual in our care and bring sustainable change in their lives.

To achieve this, we’ve adopted a case management system that allows our staff to forge meaningful relationships with each member of our programs. This personalized approach enables us to understand and address each person’s specific needs. Whether providing counseling services, home visits, or life skills training for our Family Empowerment Program (FEP) families or ensuring the girls in our AJ Home receive nutritious meals, safe shelter, education, and medical care, our holistic strategy is always at work.

A key feature of our programs is providing urgent medical or specialized counseling services. We’re committed to bridging gaps in access to such services by coordinating resources and referring beneficiaries to other organizations when needed.

Elshaday recently joined our AJ Home family. She’s a great student who wants to be an engineer. When she first arrived at the home, she had trouble fitting into a family setting because of her past. We used our system of building relationships and case management to identify these challenges. By addressing them head-on, we have been able to support her social growth while continuing to foster her academic progress.

In all we do, we strive to know and serve each person in our care holistically because we understand that genuine transformation comes from addressing every facet of their lives.

We’re grateful for your support! It’s people like you who help us to remain committed to holistic care that has a profound impact on the lives of the people we serve in Ethiopia.