IN 2023

We are committed to empowering beneficiary girls for successful community reintegration, emphasizing holistic care and individual growth.


School Attendance

  • Six girls registered and attended school, and three semi-independent girls were enrolled in higher education.
  • All beneficiary girls stayed enrolled in school.

School Supplies

  • Provided necessary school supplies for three girls attending higher education and six girls in middle and high school.

Weekly Tutoring

  • Addressed individual needs and fostered a supportive learning environment, resulting in six girls advancing to the next grade level.
  • Two girls achieved post-high school education and a third finished her second year of private college.
  • Six girls received English language tutorials, which helped them access a diverse range of educational materials.

Enrichment Program

  • Empowered the girls at AJ Home with new knowledge and skills by providing 18 engaging summer enrichment and training programs.
  • Extra-curricular events and activities were thoughtfully planned to create memorable experiences and foster a sense of belonging and community.


Weekly Allowances

  •  Met the AJ Home beneficiaires’ needs and allowed them the opportunity to manage finances independently.
  • Provided weekly allowances to ease minor financial needs the girls had within a supportive environment.
  • All beneficiaries saved 10 percent of their weekly allowances in a personal savings account.

Summer Job and Other Earning

  • Three girls participated in income-generating activities during school breaks. These opportunities allowed them to develop new skills and achieve some level of financial independence.
  • Job opportunities enabled young women at the home to explore their potential.
  • Leveraging resources and expertise from different organizations created a strong network where girls received guidance and explored new opportunities.

Life Skills

  • Through constant training and practical experience, the girls have developed the ability to manage household tasks.
  • During the home-making sessions, beneficiaries acquired various recipes and cooking techniques.
  • Monthly shopping sessions provided hands-on experience in managing money. The girls learn budgeting, planning, and making informed purchasing decisions.
  • Young women living in AJ Home are prepared for a productive and independent future.


Weekly Discipleship Gatherings

  • Bible Study sessions created a space for shared beliefs and values.
  • Discipleship program gave the girls spiritual support and a solid moral foundation.
  • Girls cultivated a sense of belonging and support within the home and beyond.


Safe and Loving Home

  • Holidays were observed with genuine joy and celebration, creating meaningful memories for both girls and staff members.
  • Beneficiaries felt part of a supportive family where shared experiences mattered. Beyond academics, AJ enriched their lives by fostering connections and memories.

Social Worker Support

  • Counseling sessions provided personalized support to each AJ Home beneficiary, fostering positive changes and enhancing overall well-being.
  • A proactive approach promoted positive behavior management and contributed to the girls’ success in various aspects of life.

Family & Friends Visits

  • The program team ensured smooth arrangements for visits, which created a comfortable setting for the girls to make for families and friends.
  • Regular interactions with loved ones fostered stronger connections, crucial throughout the girls’ journey.
  • Visits strengthened bonds with their community.

Community Engagement

  • Community engagement and volunteerism, including volunteering at the AJ Family Empowerment Center, allowed the girls to come together with their community and create a positive impact.
  • Each beneficiary received specific schedules and tasks tailored to her skills and interests, ensuring meaningful contributions.

Health & Hygiene

  • Provided regular nutritious meals and ensured the girls received essential nutrients.
  • Proper daily nutrition enabled the girls to excel in academics and activities.
  • Regular doctor visits and provisions of additional care ensured effective management of health conditions.

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