Guzo Bracelet

Snag one of these beautiful leather bracelets adored with colorful beading and use it as a reminder to pray for Addis Jemari!

These leather bracelets tie in the back with a knot or bow…your choice! They vary by size, as each are handmade.

The purpose behind these bracelets are two fold- when we purchased these bracelets from the artisans who made them, it supported an organization in Ethiopia that is one of the only of its kind, providing palliative care to those with terminal illnesses. The profit from these bracelets goes straight to two important initiatives at Addis Jemari- our first ever Teen Board mission team traveling in Summer 2024 to serve in both of our programs, and also our Teen Board education drive, where we will provide more than 100 students in Ethiopia with school shoes, bookbags and education supplies!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.