Open Hearts Necklace

Handmade in Ethiopia from recycled ammunition, this piece has a heavyweight, quality feel and is the perfect personality piece to complete your necklace stack.

– Made of infinitely recyclable solid brass

– Featuring a round charm of hands holding a heart

– Available in mini beads for a minimal look or midi beads for a bolder, statement look

– The Mini Bead necklace is adjustable between 17-19 inches

– Best stored away from humidity and polished with Brasso, steel wool, a lemon juice scrub, or warm water and soap

Ethiopians across the country collect discarded ammunition. These brass bullets are then heated and hand hammered into individual beads that are then strung by female artisans into the pieces you know and love.

Each product supports living wages and helps transfer materials meant to kill into products that support living wages and female dignity.

In addition to social good, brass is infinitely recyclable making it a perfect material as we begin to incorporate more sustainable business practices.

What makes it ethical
– Safe work environments for women free of abuse and known environmental hazards

– Living wages that allow women to afford food, education, clothes, and housing for themselves and their families

– Employers who view job creation as part of their mission rather than a cost to control

– No forced labor

– Dignity and respect for artisans by both their Ethiopian employers and by us as an American brand looking to highlight their dignity, strength, and resiliency


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