Relationships Are at The Heart of Our Work

Jan 10, 2023

As we begin a new year, we want you to know that your support helps us ensure that relationships with the people we serve come first in every aspect of our programs.

When we enroll new participants in our Family Empowerment Program (FEP), we make it a priority to build close relationships with each family member. As we get to know them personally, we begin to understand their specific circumstances, and we can serve them more effectively.

Welcoming a teenage girl to AJ Home and ensuring she is safe and comfortable opens the door to deep and meaningful relationships that help us understand her life experiences. This process is vital in guiding a girl to discover and fulfill her dreams.

We carefully listen to the unique stories of every teenage girl, child, and family. And through trusting relationships, they begin to discover where they want to go in life and what is needed to help them get there.

As relationships are established, our case managers work with each person we serve to develop an individual or family plan. Our team walks with them each step along the way to assess their progress as they engage in training, counseling, and tutoring sessions.

At the heart of every interaction we have with the people we serve is an understanding that each one is seen, known, and loved by God.

And you help make that happen.