Together We Are Empowering Self-Reliance For Moms in Ethiopia

Aug 29, 2023

Today, we’re thrilled to share how our two core programs are focused on self-reliance. At AJ Home, we focus on promoting college education. Through the Family Empowerment Program (FEP), we guide mothers in developing small business enterprises.

This life-changing program provides mothers with the training and tools they need to plan and implement the following income activities that improve the financial situation of their entire household.

  1. Providing Monthly Stipends: We alleviate the financial stress of single-parent mothers in our program by offering monthly stipends, allowing them to concentrate on the essential training packages we provide for income-generating activities.
  2. Regular Savings: We encourage mothers to save 25% of their stipends in bank accounts, fostering a two-year savings habit to be used as seed money for their chosen income-generating activities.
  3. Basic Literacy and Numeracy Training: We provide three months of literacy and numeracy training to our mothers, most of whom have low literacy levels, and group them based on their existing skill levels to facilitate learning.
  4. Teaching Financial Skills: As part of their preparation for income-generating activities, we equip mothers with financial literacy and business planning skills, emphasizing savings, budgeting, and goal setting, all aimed at future self-sufficiency.
  5. Preparing For Income-Generating Activities: We ensure mothers are ready to plan and implement their businesses by the end of the third program year, using stipends to reduce their economic vulnerability until they initiate their income-making activities.
  6. Securing Startup Capital: We assist mothers in securing startup capital from their savings and potential grant money, partnering with credit associations to help them obtain low-interest credits for their income-generating activities.
  7. Follow-Ups: We conduct regular follow-ups on mothers’ businesses, providing the necessary support and timely intervention when needed, especially during the critical first six months of their income-generating activities.

Through these programs, you are empowering people as they follow God’s plan for them to live an abundant life. You are helping them stand on their own feet, and together, we’re providing opportunities for the people we serve to build a better life for themselves and their families.