Why I Love AJ’s Teen Board

Apr 16, 2020

By: Amelia Benesky

Hello! My name is Amelia. I am on the Teen Board here at Addis Jemari! I chose to apply for the AJ Teen Board because Addis Jemari serves a good cause that I wanted to be a part of! I believe that all people, no matter what age, can make a change and this was a great opportunity for me as well as other local teens to start. We get to learn about life in Ethiopia, as well as help prepare the products that Addis Jemari sells in order to help the girls and families they serve in Ethiopia.

My mom is on the Board of Directors for Addis Jemari. She wrote financial literacy curriculum for the FEP families and AJ Home girls to learn about financial literacy  to help them manage their finances. She came up with ways they can save and spend their money to help them be able to live better lives. I think it’s great that we both are contributing to helping out at Addis Jemari. We believe in being a part of something bigger than ourselves and this is how we can start to make a difference!

Would you like to be a part of the AJ Teen Board? Know a teenager who has a heart to serve and make a difference? Apply from now until April 30 at www.addisjemari.org/ajteenboard.