Working on personal hygiene

Jan 8, 2021

It’s exciting to have our families gathering in our Family Empowerment Program (FEP) Center once again! Currently, the Center is open three days a week and at a limited capacity to keep everyone safe. Our staff in Ethiopia has worked out schedules so families can come shower, as well as receive tutoring and counseling for emotional support from their AJ community. Our FEP families are also continuing with life skills training classes.

Recently, our FEP children learned about the importance of personal hygiene, especially while trying to remain safe and healthy through the COVID-19 pandemic. The children learned the importance of changing their clothes each day, washing their clothes and bodies, as well as the proper way to brush their teeth. Because the children just recently returned to school, our FEP Coordinator has had the opportunity to spend more time with the FEP kids than normal, it gave her the ability to learn more about the kids’ hygiene practices at home to further expand our knowledge of their needs to better serve them in the future.